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SCI is currently on tour with Opeth to support their latest album "All Things Cheese." The tour offers fans the opportunity to experience the latest on the musical journey and at the same time to sample the extensive catalogue that OpETH has to offer. Everything about Cheese, including the festivals SCI has played, as well as the upcoming tour dates.

The museum's collection includes more than 1,000 pieces of Opeth's original music, as well as a variety of other rare, rare and rare pieces.

The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) is based in Midtown Detroit, Michigan, and its collection is considered one of the largest encyclopedic collections in the world, spanning the globe. The Detroit Zoo, located at the Detroit Museum of Natural History and on the campus of Michigan State University, has been partnering with the museum located on its campus for 30 years.

Just eight minutes away is Magic Bag in Ferndale, and if you love jazz, check out Gracie's Goodnight, home to one of the best jazz clubs in Michigan, if not the country.

If you're looking for a bridal couple, the Royal Oak Music Theatre is the place for you, and ROMT is also your venue if you're looking for a bridal couple. If you are a groom and bride - too - to be or bride looking for the perfect wedding party for your wedding day or wedding night, ROME is the destination. If your bride or groom wants a wedding for their wedding night, then ROOMT will be your venue.

Here you can experience some of the best performances in music history in a suburb surrounded by culture and life, right in the heart of downtown Detroit.

JBO began in Asheville, NC, Bob Weir terrified the kids, and the fans were captivated by the support of Flint Eastwood and JBO, and his band J.D. began their career in Detroit. When they play, they don't play alone, the voices of hundreds around the venue unite to rise and stand, shout lyrics and dance to the beat in a passionate embrace. With the Royal Oak Music Theatre sold out, every song feels intimate, and every jump into Lake Street invites the audience to a truly shared experience.

The lyrics of each melody were a conversation along the way, tales of love, loss and spiteful triumphs that Price told in his limp alto voice. Others in the crowd liked the song, with some voices heard singing along. There was a bit of dancing, but it was unnecessary, and there was no need for a dance - away from Price and J.D. and his band.

He has a powerful voice, his music is infectious and he has a great stage presence which he found by moving constantly on stage and pumping up the crowd. It was like the heartbreak of seeing Adele fight back tears several times during an early performance of the song. 21 couldn't sell out the Fox Theatre in downtown Detroit, but they flew high.

Long before they sold out the show, ticket agents were charging $200 to $400 for tickets, but they didn't.

Wilco, widely regarded as their best performance of late, proved to a sold-out crowd that the price was indeed right by coming out and proving that they are ready to show their theatre to the real "Wilco" audience on the last real American tour before the trip across the pond to dates in Europe. It's a pretty quick return for the Detroit area after playing the Mo Pop Festival in July. It came as Coldplay were playing the State Theatre on their first US tour.

Michigan has had some ups and downs in recent years, but it has played a big role in shaping our nation as we know it today, and the Historical Society wants to keep that memory alive. Support for the arts, especially music and theatre, and other forms of entertainment, is an important part of keeping our culture alive and promoting the natural gifts of artists on stage. To keep our art alive and to keep art alive, we must be able to support not only the artists, but also their families, friends and communities.

Percussionist Mike Calabrese is a consummate performer of his time in Royal Oak, and commands the audience's attention by bouncing between his guitar and drums. I can tell you that he and his band mates have been playing directly with each other for decades and how they look at each other and keep up throughout the concert.

The Royal Oak Music Theater can accommodate about 1,500 people, making it one of the largest concert venues in Michigan. The band admits that Wilco is playing at the RoyalOak Music Theatre for the first time in more than a decade, and I was glad to see all performances sold out this fall. On Tuesday, the audience at the Royal Opera House had a pleasant surprise. All band members, except drummer Mike Calabrese and bassist Mike Albertson, were present for the record.

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