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There is a hard beat, musicians are planned and artists have been selected to bring this year's event to life in their own homes. And finally, discover the grocers who will join us at this event, presenting 5 simple ingredients to prepare at home!

The Hour, a lifestyle magazine for Metro Detroit, published by the Detroit Hour media, is located in the city. Cafe Muse is a downtown restaurant that serves a wide range of food, drinks and entertainment, as well as live music. The city is home to the Detroit Free Press, the regional newspaper that is published in southeastern Michigan. Gay owns and operates a gay bar and restaurant in downtown Oakland County, and a gay-friendly restaurant and bar in Grand Rapids.

Downtown Royal Oak has a variety of nightclubs, including restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shops and restaurants with a wide selection of food and drinks. Sights include the city's historic buildings, such as the Old Town Hall, Royal Oaks Hotel and Grand River Hotel.

Bring a date and bring friends to this one - or - kind of event, which includes live music, food and drinks and is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Drag Queen Bingo, hosted by five - for 15, will be held at the Royal Oaks Hotel from 5.30pm to 7pm, with sweaty cocktails and a guided painting and wine event. Wine offers a variety of wines from local wineries as well as local craft beers and spirits.

Royal Oak Market, one of the most popular food and drink events in the city, will be back at RoyalOak Market in November.

The indoor show consists of 60 jurors - selected artists, and now you can see their work in person at the Royal Oak Art Fair and participate in a live art show. The art fair season begins with the opening of the new RoyalOak Art Gallery, the first of its kind in the city. Fourteen artists will join forces to share their demonstrations and creative process. Fun spring special events include a beer garden with local breweries, live music, food trucks and more.

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We are excited to work with the Bank of Ann Arbor to bring live entertainment to this year's event And we are glad that our partners at Short Brewing Co. are offering beer and cider for sale. Made in the middle, oak and made in-house by Royal Oak Brewing Company. Catch the film on a small cinema screen that viewers can watch on reclining seats. We are proud that our partner Short's Brewing Co., is offering beer & ciders for sale and will be able to purchase them at the event.

Mark your calendar for the Woodward Dream Cruise, which takes place on the third Saturday in August, make a night of it and make sure you stay up late into the night for a good beer, wine, food and fun with friends and family. Located on the corner of Woodward Avenue and Main Street in the heart of the city, Royal Oak Farmers Market offers fresh produce, fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, eggs, poultry and more. Located just a few blocks from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor campus, it is right next to the Michigan Museum of Natural History and just across from Woodward Park.

The city is located along the Woodward Corridor and is also bypassed by Interstate 75 and Interstate 696 in Royal Oak. The Michigan Transit Authority (MTA), a subsidiary of the U.S. Department of Transportation, has been operating its commuter rail service since October 17, 1983. Amtrak also serves RoyalOak by operating Amtrak Wolverine, a light rail line between Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Royal Oak was named after the governor of the territory Lewis Cass, who led an surveying expedition along the Detroit and St. Clair rivers near the town of Royal Oak in 1812. After the American Revolutionary War, Great Britain promoted the expansion of what was then the Upper Canadian province (Quebec). After defeating France in the Seven Years War, Britain took control of Fort Detroit and its environs, which included the present-day city and parts of Grand Rapids. Cass named the settlement after the battle of the United States on the northern border with Great Britain against the British in the war of 18 December.

The large oaks in the small settlement reminded Cass of the place where King Charles II of England was said to have gone into hiding to avoid capture by the Roundheads at the Battle of Worcester, where he was hiding after escaping captivity. The Taylor family's address is 510 Glenview Road in Royal Oak, although the name RoyalOak is not mentioned in any dialogue. This is alluded to in a scene in Allen's novel, in which the main character is played by Allen, as well as in several other novels and films.

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More About Royal Oak